dataStigmata was a small web piece that grabbed html code from any website and translated it into a stream of bleeding code along with a typewrite audio track. The user supplied the web address and dataStigmata did the rest.

dataStigmata, 1998. Net art.


theReader was a small web piece that grabbed the text from any website. This piece used the body language of turn-of-the-century hysterics to spell out the contents of a given website. theReader translated the text into this body language and performed the text letter by letter.

theReader, 1998. Net art.

Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators was digital piece that was built upon a randomizing script so that the audio and video collage never repeated. The movie explored the relationships of women and technology.

Boolean Operators , 1998. Screen-based multimedia.

Cabina Telefónica

cabina telefónica was an interactive sound piece which allowed the viewer to rearrange and collage together audio componants consisting of ambient sounds, voice and other audio elements related to telephony.

cabina telefónica, 1997. Screen-based multimedia with audio.

The Cyborg Oracle

The Cyborg Oracle is a digital work whose eponymous cyborg doubled as a fortune teller. The user (disguised as a toy robot) could ask any question and the cyborg would respond intelligently based on the question.

The Cyborg Oracle, 1997. Screen-based multimedia.

Probing Into Science

Probing Into Science is a digital piece that was delivered on CD-ROM. The work explores the language of science through an interactive maze of experiments.

Probing Into Science, 1994/95. Screen-based multimedia.
Probing Into Science was a pioneering digital work created when the field was just emerging. It was selected by NYFA panelists for a fellowship in 1995 in the field of Emerging Forms.